Building A Powerful Global Campfire

For Early Stage Technology Innovators & Investors

Global Network

With over 18 years of private equity experience and 14 years of collaborating with over 200 MBA alumni from our program, our global network continues to grow. We continuously expand our list of Enterprise and High Net Worth Clients, Advisors, EIRs, MBA students and new universities to expand our intellectual, geographic and cultural diversity.  

A Trusted Partner

G51 principals work one-on-one with your enterprise to identify compelling investment and innovation opportunities.  We work to understand the goals of your company or business unit, and align our research results with your strategy. This personal approach differentiates G51 from existing research options and adds considerable value.

Good Works Analysis

Our proprietary systems and processes work to reduce market “noise” and provide targeted innovation “signal”.  G51 Amplify’s comprehensive analysis includes input from business leaders from top MBA programs, seasoned venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, industry shaping technical advisors and our Innovation Leaders Council.